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Improve Pool Sales & Improve Landscape Sales

Your company can have the best marketing strategy, have the phones ringing off the hook with potential leads and have a flood of e-mails requesting estimates. But you know that if none of those customers close, your company will go out of business. Now this is an extreme example, but it is the truth. Sales is a key part of any business. Therefore every business should seek to constantly keep improving their sales strategy. Let’s talk about how to improve pool sales & landscape sales with 3D Renderings.

Generally speaking, the better your sales process is, the more signed contracts you will have. One of the most effective ways to improve and accelerate the sales process for any type of landscape or pool company is to incorporate high-quality 3D renderings into the sales process.

Let’s find out why 3D renderings improve pool sales and landscape sales by 30% to 50%.

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Improve the Design Stage of the Sales Process

Design is a major part of the sales process. Many landscapers and pool contractors use pen and paper sketches or 2-dimensional CAD images to show their designs to the customer. This works for some customers. However, it’s not as effective with other customers who have difficulty understanding these sketches. In which case, you run the risk of them becoming very confused, and in some rare cases, not follow through on a project.

As an outdoor living space contractor, you have completed many outdoor projects. So you can easily visualize the design yourself. But part of your job is to also help the customer visualize and understand your vision. Detailed and to-scale 3D renderings can show your customers how their outdoor space will look from various angles, where the sun/shadows will be at different times of the day, and how the landscaping compliments the design of the outdoor space. As a result, this allows the contractor and the customer to have complete clarity on the design of the project.

After the customer is happy with their design it’s time to quote the project.

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Speed Up the Quoting Stage of the Sales Process

With accurate measurements provided from the 3D renderings, the quoting process is quicker and easier than ever before. One of the biggest grievances people have with landscape and pool companies is that the contractors don’t respond quickly enough, or don’t even respond at all, to the customers and their needs. By speeding up the estimating process, we can help contractors remove the burden of a long quoting process.

This process is quick and simple with 3D renderings provided by 3D Outdoor Design. We will send you the plant counts, hardscape and mulch square footages, linear wall measurements, pool measurements, gallons, and whatever else you may need to create an accurate quote for the project.

We use GIS mapping, surveys, and advanced satellite images to recreate the homes of your customers to scale. This means that when we add anything to the design (pools, walls, pavers, etc.), we can give you measurements that are within 5% to 10% accuracy of the actual measurements. Best of all, you get all the measurements and quantities with each revision made to the 3D renderings. As a result, you now have an accurate estimate and you can be confident that your project will be profitable.

Increase Pool Sales

A Better Construction Phase

Now that the sales process has been improved, it’s time for a better construction phase. Instead of the sales team struggling to explain to the Project Manager what needs to be done, all they have to do is hand the Project Manager a project invoice, a few 3D renderings, and a site plan that came with the renderings. That way everyone can be on the same page from day one. Even if the project is scheduled to begin two months from the signing of the contract. With all the employees and/or subs-contractors clear on what needs to be done, this can reduce errors and setbacks for your projects.

In conclusion, 3D renders can improve pool sales & landscape sales and can help enhance the construction phase as well.

The Bottom Line:
3D Renderings Improve Pool Sales & Landscape Sales

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